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Design Coordination

Property owners and developers have a lot at stake in any new construction or major retrofit project. The profitability of these undertakings hangs on efficient resource management and timely project completion. With more than 75 years of experience, National Heating and Ventilating has the experience to provide design coordination services that can keep your project on track and within budget.

The Benefit of Design Coordination

Design coordination can spare developers unnecessary costs and delays that arise from project partners’ schedule conflicts and supply-line deficiencies. Change orders made in the field to accommodate over-promised performance, poor coordination among trades’ critical paths or other unforeseen circumstances raise the project’s total cost. Design coordination minimizes or eliminates field changes once a project is underway.

While some developers may see design coordination services as an additional expense, preliminary research by David Riley and Michael Horman, two professors from Penn State University’s Department of Architectural Engineering, demonstrates that the cost of design coordination services pays for itself in cost savings experienced in reduced field changes.

Leaning Forward to Ensure Forward Progress

We have always been proactive about communication and coordination with our team and our project partners. Because our mission is to deliver the best quality product to our customers every time, our first priority is understanding what our clients want to accomplish. Once we have a clear objective, we put together the materials and team necessary to do the work to the specifications and on the timeline we promised.

We know that we are one of many partners working together to complete a project; our work impacts the work of others’. We communicate with other trades to make sure that our work is compatible—that we synchronize critical paths and adapt to any changes in our plans or theirs.

Orchestrating Your Needs

Whether or not National Heating and Ventilating is a mechanical, HVAC or plumbing contractor on your project, we can apply the same lean-forward impetus through design coordination services. Visit our Projects page to see examples of projects on which we have digitally coordinated with other contractors (i.e. AutoCAD specs, 3D imaging, BIM, etc.) and orchestrated field operations.

We have the experience and project management expertise to help you meet your time and budget goals. Contact us to learn more about how our design coordination can benefit your bottom line.

National Heating and Ventilating provides design coordination services. Contact us to find out how we can spare you unnecessary costs and delays.

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