At National Heating and Ventilating, one way we measure the quality of our work is by the health and well-being of our employees and project partners. We strive to always complete a project 100% incident free. To ensure the highest quality work, we must first ensure the highest level of safety.

Our Safety Philosophy

We believe that safety is the result of conscientiousness—our diligence in identifying and mitigating safety hazards on site before we even begin a project. All of us are responsible for safety—for ourselves and others.

Every one of our employees maintains all necessary training to ensure the safe operation of equipment and performance of work. We have employees on staff who have received additional training and acquired OSHA 500 and OSHA 501certifications.

Recognition for Safety on the Job

Our commitment to worker and job site safety has not gone unnoticed in the industry. National Heating and Ventilating has earned the SMACNA National Safety Award, a national award recognizing only three contractors of our size in the country as being safest.

OSHA Partnership

Our proactive approach to safety has also enabled us to participate in OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program. This partnership signifies National Heating and Ventilating’s “commitment to implement[ing] in a timely manner an effective workplace safety and health management system.” As an OSHA Strategic Partner, we meet stringent requirements, including OSHA visits, training standards, processes and procedures to enhance and improve safety and behavioral based safety observations. Safety is never “done.” It is an ongoing and proactive effort to prevent issues before they happen.

Put Safety First on Your Site

A company that prioritizes safety protects the most valuable assets—human lives. A company that puts safety first can also protect your financial interests. In addition to preventing damage to your property (and ours), working with a company that has an excellent safety record can also lower insurance rates and overall project costs.

We encourage building a team with an excellent reputation for safety; contact National Heating and Ventilating.

For uncompromised project safety, contact National Heating and Ventilating.